14 Useful Tips To Make Your Website Effective

Most of the clients we have dealt with, have spent a lot of money on their websites, however, they are not happy with the results. The majority of these clients avoid doing anything about it since they are of the view that it will incur huge expenses and assume that working on the embetterment of a website actually means creating a new website and working from scratch.

Although, it is true to some extent but our experience reveals that a few tweaks at some places are enough to differentiate between a site that is making sales and one that isn’t.

Here are some of our effective quick fixes that have helped in converting non-performing websites into sales machines running 24-hours a day:

1) Insert call to action on each page

Each page of your website should be such that works for you, persuading all your visitors to take some action. Such action could be, for instance giving you a call, or clicking the ‘buy’ button, watching a video or leaving a comment.

Whatever it is, never forget to tell them what you actually want them to do. Try to make things simple rather than leaving them wondering what they should do. Avoid making assumptions that they know it already, even if YOU believe that everything is completely obvious.

2) Add your contact number on each page

Although it is a matter of common sense, surprisingly many companies are often seen burying their contact number deep on their website, creating difficulty for potential customers to connect with them.

In many cases, visitors visit the website only to find your phone number, therefore, do not make them search for it.

The best tip is to put it on the top right corner, but putting it in the footer of your website can also work. It does not actually matter where it has been placed, as long as the visitors can find it easily.

3) Include a page describing ‘About Us’

Pages explaining about yourself and your company help your customers in deciding if they should buy from you or not.

Whether the visitor is a consumer or a businessperson, when he chooses a company to do some business with it, he wants to know who he will be working with, hence do not hesitate to let your visitors know who you are. You can add photographs of you as well as your staff together with brief bios about them. In this way, you portray yourself as real person and not a faceless organization.

It is important to list your credentials and experience but you must focus on engaging your visitors by telling them a little about your family life, hobbies and other things you enjoy doing. Your real life helps in building their trust and confidence. Customers feel more at ease when they can do business with someone they can relate to.

4) Include your business operating hours

These days, the typical business hour policy doesn’t exist, so you are required to let your visitors know the timings of your availability.

It is very helpful to inform your customers about your business hours as this can eliminate their frustration that arises when they call or visit you when you are closed.

5) Never avoid using big and bold images

Images convey your message better than words. The world of the internet is visual and so people respond effectively to images, therefore including images on your website that engage your customers is a good technique. e poe tegemine

You need not spend a lot of money on fancy graphics. You can just add photos of your team in action, pictures of your local area or your premises or clippings of any projects you have recently completed.

All such things play a part in engaging your customers and allowing them to know a lot about you as well as your business.

6) Try making your website mobile friendly

Mobile is everywhere. Large number of people can visit your website via their mobile phones or tablets.

Make sure that people have a positive experience of visiting your website on a Smartphone. If you do not optimize your sites to be seen on small screens, it becomes frustratingly difficult for your potential clients to navigate around your website. They will not persevere but will just move on to another website.


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