Kualoa Beach Camping – Oahu, Hawaii

Kualoa beach park is located at 49-479 Kamehameha Highway. The camp sites are located towards the south end of the park. The camp sites are available for camping from Friday to Wednesday. The earliest a permit can be reserved is 2 weeks in advance. There are companies that will help you with the permit process and rent camping gear on Oahu, Hawaii. There are two bathroom facilities and outdoor showers available. There are 15 camp sites available, be sure to reserve two weeks in advance because these sites go quick.

Kualoa Beach Fun Activities


    1. Beach: The protected waters from the off shore reef and man made wall, make for a calm swimming location.


    1. Relax: Enjoy the large beautifully manicured lawns, picnic benches and beautiful beach.


    1. Adventure: Mokolii or China Mans hat is located just off shore of Kualoa beach. Take a swim or Kayak during low tide to this small island. This island is a bird sanctuary so please be careful. Also it is easy to panic and to get caught in a current. Only swim if you are an advanced swimmer, otherwise check the tide charts and wade over during low tide. Be sure to leave the island during low tide as well.


    1. Explore: Kualoa beach park is located directly across from Kualoa ranch. Visit their website and you can find many paid attractions offered by Kualoa ranch.


  1. Night: Take a walk on the beach and enjoy the stars. You might be able to even catch some sand crabs. Or stay at your campsite and start a small campfire and enjoy the company of your camping buddies, while making s’mores. Revdanda Beach Camping


The hardest part about camping on Oahu, Hawaii is setting up, taking down and cleaning the camp equipment. Luckily, there are companies that provide these types of services. When camping on Oahu, Hawaii, it is recommended to have gear that protects you from the sun, rain and wind. A large tarp, canopy will provide shade for you at your camp, when outisde of your tent. A tent will provide protection from rain and wind, when sleeping. Other recommended equipment include wind breakers, a camp grill or stove, chairs, tables and a lantern. Kualoa Beach can get very windy, because there are no trees to shield you from the wind. Thus windbreakers and a tarp are a must. Let the Oahu, Hawaii camping experts take care of setting up your campsite for you.


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