Playing Online Casinos – What to Check Before You Start?

Late last year I decided to take my interest in Sports betting a little further and check out some potential systems.

If you do this you’ll find many many downloads cross your path. Mostly in the form of ebooks. The majority promise riches beyond your wildest dreams and feed on the soft spot many of us have for paying of debts and having those dream holidays.

This majority of course are pish and piffle or absolute tripe or more crudely “bollocks”!!

I purchased a few anyway just to see what they had to offer and to my surprise I did get a few useful ideas about developing systems and covering bets as I’d been doing it as a hobby on betfair for a while anyway. The individual systems used solely on their own though all fell flat on their fantasy filled asses.

All in all not much money spent and a couple of new ideas spawned from having a bit of knowledge in the first place, and a little wiser about the clearly paper thin claims about what you “will” win.

In December 2008 I came across one called Sports Betting Champ. He like all the others had a fabulously convincing argument to sign up. The usual bank sheet was there filled with cash and several testimonials to the systems. 슈어맨

The credentials did seem a little better as the chap professed to being a Statistician. You or I though could easily set up a website and profess to being a brain surgeon or rocket scientist. His past rate of wins looked good but again how do you check?

For me the thing that made me check it out was the price. It wasn’t the usual $29 dollars or less but a decent amount to purchase albeit refundable. Much higher than any I’d seen. That’s a bit mad I thought so I decided to check out any reviews on this. All seemed pretty good, some obviously just giving you the good stuff and some more like this one, I hope, with a sensible approach.

I consider myself pretty competent at finding stuff on the net but not one bad review could I find about this. I even lost interest and then tried again a few weeks later. Still not one.

In the end I thought what the hell I’ll give one more expensive looking one a go and if need be take the refund.

Now I started of and stayed very tight with this keeping to a nice small bank that wouldn’t hurt much when lost. Starting in January I won the first few but kept the bets low.
This is the bit that hurts. My first loss on this system came at the beginning of June!!

Needless to say I’m impressed. You don’t even need to work out your bets using the system your sent. Just sign up for the chaps picks and he’ll email them to you as they come up.

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