Volcanoes Safaris: Enterprising Eco-Tourism

Volcanoes Safaris, in East Africa, is an eco-tourism company that has earned a name for successfully operating exclusive safari trips near gorilla parks.

If one company could be held responsible for revival of tourism in Uganda and Rwanda, it’s Volcanoes Safaris. Their innovative way of promoting ape eco-tourism revolves around the eco-lodges planned and constructed close to the endangered gorilla and chimpanzee populations. In line with their strategy, they fabricated their own specially designed safari eco-lodges in the neighbourhood of three gorilla parks. The income derived from tourism is utilized for protection and upkeep of the apes and their habitats.

Volcanoes Safaris can be complimented for having handled the challenge of developing and promoting tourism that benefits the distressed and distraught communities in isolated areas of Rwanda and Uganda. In the year 2000, Volcanoes Safaris was chosen as the lead partner for development and implementation of Rwanda’s two main national parks – Volcanoes National Park and Nyungwe Forest Reserve. What to do at sentosa singapore¬†

In this unique part of Africa, Volcanoes Safaris conducts a diverse range of safari trips. You may go tracking the mountain gorilla through the hazy forests of the Virungas, spotting game on the gigantic savannah plains that lie in the western arm of the Great East African Rift Valley, or taking a boat cruise to the dramatic Murchison Falls…

Volcanoes Safaris is also credited with the designing and building of high-end eco-lodges too, like the now well-known Virunga lodge, in Rwanda close to Volcanoes National Park. The eco-friendly features of special interest include bucket showers, utilization of locally available materials for making furniture, wild gardens and solar power too. For this lodge, Volcanoes Safaris employed and trained workers from Rwanda and Uganda to offer hospitality services, which are comparable to the best available anywhere in Africa.

Without losing sight of their business goal, Volcanoes Safaris developed a strategy to include local population in their project. It believed that the business could be so conducted to involve and thus improve the status of local population as that of the environments. The business thus benefits all concerned and benefits do filter down to the local communities who need to understand and appreciate the consequences of protecting the animals and their habitats.

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